Building Psychological Safety (trust) in the Workplace

We had so many positive responses and inquiries about when we were giving another webinar so….

Join us Thursday, November 30th at 12:00 pm ET for another interactive and transformative workshop session on “Building Psychological Safety (trust) in the Workplace.”

Building Psychological Safety

Many workplaces say they encourage open communication, innovation, and building trust and then this happens:

A team member holds back a critical idea or concern due to fear of judgment. Later, as the initiative falters, they confide to a colleague that they foresaw this outcome all along.

What happened is all too common and a result of a lack of psychological safety.

According to research, Psychological Safety is the biggest factor in team performance and preventing stumbling blocks and mistakes that cost in time, money, and retention. Psychological safety refers to a climate in the workplace where individuals feel safe to take risks, speak up, and express their opinions without fear of negative consequences.

In this workshop, learn practical strategies proven to foster trust, open communication, and innovation to elevate your team’s well-being and productivity, especially in this confusing time.

In this session, Merzad Consulting will:

  1. Walk you through the stages and practical tips/tools to build Psychological Safety. 
  2. Share specific behaviors that help leaders reduce fear and create accountability.
  3. Create opportunities to hear from other professionals about their challenges and strategies to build psychological safety.

Don’t miss this chance to create a thriving work environment!