What It Takes to Build Resilience

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What Does It Take to Build Resilience?

This month, we round out the tips we’ve shared with you on Manager Resilience with components 3 and 4: Communication and Connection.

Communication and Connection focus on what you can control in your working relationships to build resilience as a team and take on new and unexpected challenges.

So What Does It Mean to Foster Healthy Communication and Connection?


  • Have a Framework to navigate the difficult conversations we typically avoid
  • Make Time and Space by establishing consistent, clear opportunities and sessions for one-on-ones and feedback
  • Practice Active Listening by reiterating and affirming what you’re hearing
  • Create Psychological Safety by coming in with curiosity and positivity; ensure your team feels safe from blame, judgement, or retribution in conversations
  • Manage Triggers, Challenge Assumptions that create roadblocks in listening


  • Build Trust over Time by being reliable and consistent
  • Sense of Purpose: Have a clear mission, goals, and clarity on each person’s role
  • Shared Values Be clear in your values and how they align with your goals
  • Build Emotional Connection by recognizing milestones, struggles, and the welfare of your team members
  • Offer Opportunities for Social Connection: This can look like virtual happy hours, team picnics, trivia games, team-building exercises or retreats

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