Dennis  Kirk

Founder of In Focus Leadership LLC

Dennis  Kirk, founder of In Focus Leadership LLC,  supports leaders and leadership teams in motivating themselves to create extraordinary and sustainable results. We support individuals, executives, teams, and boards to become more than the sum of their parts. We design innovative learning programs for people who are ready to improve their game, because effective leaders outperform ineffective leaders every time. We measure and report the ROI of coaching so you know the results of your investment. The best leaders harmonize head, heart, and spirit to create the future. It requires a proactive approach to your own life and health that ensures you’re physically and mentally ready to set and reach your next goal.

We typically work with senior people and teams around or in advance of times of change: a shift in organizational direction or strategy, when a new team forms or needs to work together in a different way, when someone is new in their role or embarking on a new phase of their professional life, or any time that requires a shift in leaders’ attitudes, behaviors, or skills.